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28 May 2016 21:18

Have you ever been with a girl that care about you more than herself!!!

30 May 2016 10:28

Yes,many a time.

30 May 2016 11:25

Have heard about it. But never experience it. Am so busy to the extend that i barely go to service on sunday. GOD DEY PARA FOR ME

30 May 2016 12:46

Tell me what you understand about love because I have a story to tell

30 May 2016 16:33

Orugooooooooooo....i hey u

30 May 2016 17:44

I once had such girl but bcos I feel inferior to have her type, I let her go

31 May 2016 00:28

Love me

31 May 2016 13:02

have been that type of a girl before

31 May 2016 22:57

Yes i have had that kind of girl be4,and the reason why i let her go was that i did not have a job and men where coming 4 her hand in marriage so i have to let her go.