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24 May 2016 10:49

Today in the world generally,many people were confronted with some situation,which they were not please with.we are all born to strive before we survived:labouring for our daily bread.but mind you,it depend on where everyone,each and individual found his or her those who were born into poor home,they have to suffer a lot in their start:although most of them have a bright future,and they usually become a successful person atlast.may be because of all what they have been passthrough,they usually posses a lot of strenght to endure many confrontation about the those that were born in rich home:they has a lot of enjoyment in their start:although their future usually bleak,because they usually lack of both internal and external emotional feeling resistant.and most of them are lack of endurance:due to the way they were brought up in pampered manner...wherever you found yourself between the two,just keep on praying to GOD.because we are all born in the world of prediction and probability!.

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U are rite

25 May 2016 13:48

May God Help Us.

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May God Help Us All May We Nt Die In Our Struggles Either Poor Or Rich. Dats A Good Write Post Dat Keep Us Strong And Moving Ahead