Nigerian forum: Fashion - Lightly worn clothes of top brands
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16 Jan 2014 04:28

Would you buy lightly worn (like only once or twice) clothes or shoes from fmous designers and good brands. If prices would be affordable of course?

Or you better choose new items?

20 Jan 2014 16:14

I prefer brand new ones

28 Apr 2014 21:54

Yes if I like them

23 May 2014 23:16

hmmm yes its good to give it a try, i mean the difference is not much. but the price is it really affordable?

3 Jul 2014 19:04

me i have affordable new ones for sale o

28 Jul 2014 19:18

i need good shirts, trousers and good shoes at good prices. send me an email your contact, i stay in Port Harcourt. my email address is