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23 May 2016 11:14

How can a guy know dat d girl he s dating truely loves him.pls a frnd nids ur help and advice

23 May 2016 22:01

When she,see another,girl,lady with you and she is not jealousy,fight,abuse,infant that girl,lady love and is your love cois he they had before you going seem that can person right.

23 May 2016 22:13

And if she is askin for money,it is not your love buh if she say anything you give him she go collect,that is your love your true love right.

24 May 2016 00:36


24 May 2016 07:27

Bro u dn't need anybody to tell u that she loves u or not but her attitude will tell u eveerything u need to knw.

24 May 2016 07:37

Action speaks louder dan voice dear pronouncing d word "I LOVE U" is nt a reason to belief dat she truly love U bt mere lookin straight to her eye ball y d two of u are taking U can clearly read through her mind and with dat u ll know her level of love for U

24 May 2016 07:39

Hold her hands look eyes ball to eye ball don't alter a statement until she say something with dat if u are smart enough U ll get an answer to ur question

24 May 2016 15:14


24 May 2016 21:52

I believed d question should b "how does a guy knows DAT d girl he's dating is d right person" once he knows d answer then I believe DAT solve d puzzle

25 May 2016 08:28

When u show her u r not rich n she stil care 4 u with oda qualities

28 May 2016 00:39

character and respect

28 May 2016 00:50

Her behaviour towards U