Nigerian forum: Jokes - CHOOSING A CAREER FOR YOUR CHILD (Laugh it off)
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20 May 2016 18:13

There was this well disciplined man who had three children,two boys and a girl.One day,he told his wife that it would be proper for them to know what each of the children would be in future.But his wife told him not to worry as each of them would choose their choice when the time comes,beside,it could give them a heart attack if any one of them should choose a funny career.But the father said that he trusted himself as none of his children would choose a funny career.And so he went to a shop and bought all the toys which represent all the things under the earth and he arranged them on a mat and he asked the three children to go and choose any one which would represent his/her career while the parents stood watching.First the eldest boy went forward.He looked at the toys for a minute,and then,he picked a bottle of alcohol,two half naked ladies,and a conductor.And the father said,'my God! He is going to be a womanizer and a drunkard and finally an AGBERO'. (motor park tout) Then the second boy step forward and he picked a pistol,a dark shade and a hood.'Holy Moses! This is going to be a robber'.Finally, it was the turn of the girl and the mother said.'Our sons failed us because like father like sons but you will see that the girl will not disgrace us because like mother like daughter'.Without wasting time,she stepped forward,looked at the toys and she picked a bed,a hotel and four tall men.And the parents collapsed.

23 May 2016 17:24

Very funny

6 Jun 2016 06:52

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17 Jun 2016 14:06

Lol... interesting

12 Oct 2016 22:47

Choosing A Career 4 A Child Is A Bad Idea