Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Do you still believe in LOVE?
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19 May 2016 18:59

What is LOVE?

20 May 2016 10:43

I still do not minding d obstacles & hudles in its way

20 May 2016 10:45

Love iz a feelyn u feel wen u feel like u hav neva felt bfore.

20 May 2016 13:23

Yes, ofcourse

20 May 2016 13:48

Love is good

20 May 2016 15:23

Love is love

20 May 2016 19:18


20 May 2016 19:43

Yes I Stil Believ I Can Find That Special Thing That Will Change My Life For Good.LOVE

20 May 2016 22:11

Yes and i believe that i will fined the love of my life

20 May 2016 22:12

I belive in love buh am not sure if true love do exist.

20 May 2016 22:43

Der is

20 May 2016 23:56

If you do believe in love then you should also true love does exist, just that its difficult to find and even when it stands right in front of you, you won't believe its true love cos of past experience.

21 May 2016 00:24

I don belive in love

21 May 2016 00:34

love exist yes love is real if u hv good intensions towards d one u claim to love, if u wnt to love selfishly u will see urself out of d track its automatic bt if u go abt it d right way u will hv even to urself

21 May 2016 13:00

Capital <NO> there z no true love again

21 May 2016 14:15

Love is a feeling u have for some1 or somethig,

21 May 2016 17:05


21 May 2016 17:47

Love is madness,d only thing dat is keeping you nd ur boyfriend or girlfriend is understanding nd tolerant,if u cn't tolerate him or her i think u did break dat is it. Once again love is typical madness.

21 May 2016 22:16
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21 May 2016 22:22
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