Nigerian forum: Health - Collagen Loss leads to sagging , wrinkled , dull , ageing skin
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18 May 2016 23:43

Collagen is a substance that is naturally produced by the body. However, the production of this substance reduces as
people grow older leading to wrinkles & sagging & ageing. You can glow & look younger with our swedish range of Nature based products made from plant stem cells of sea weeds, fruits etc . Your Skin Deserves The Best It Can Get . IT DESERVES THE ECOLLAGEN TREATMENT. Call 08099165808 to get or deal in the product .

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Good one.

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18 Apr 2017 02:49

This is very true about collagen,have you also imagine a situation where you make use of a product but still no results. This is as a result of not detoxifying your body before taking the products and this also applies to non-effectiveness of the food we take in on daily bases.the question is how do you detoxify and with what is it possible to clean our colon or large intestine so as to avoid colon cancer which kills

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