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18 May 2016 14:55

What can some one do to a guy who comes home late an drank every night and he has already propose marry to u

18 May 2016 16:02

Pray 4 Him

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18 May 2016 16:47

pray for him and called him around 5am before day break talk to him as a good wife say some sence to him

18 May 2016 17:12

Just be counselling & praying for him to change for better

18 May 2016 17:49

My sister pls dnt marry dat kind of a man.if u cnt change him now u cnt change him when u re fully married to him!

18 May 2016 18:59


18 May 2016 19:53


18 May 2016 21:01

Sweetie does he really love u? Hw long hv u been in relationship with him?

19 May 2016 00:08

run away from him,if it is yu

19 May 2016 02:00

Quote by "Glory11"
Pray 4 Him

@ Glory i hav b doing is just dat he refuse to change.

19 May 2016 02:07

Quote by "charles744"

@ charles y hmm say sometin

19 May 2016 02:10

Quote by "stephie36"
Sweetie does he really lv u? Hw long hv u been in relationshi wit him?

Fr a logtime

19 May 2016 02:14

try dialogue persistantly.if it dos not work,my dia,i no lie,get a one way ticket.

19 May 2016 02:29

It is a pity for such a woman.There were many things that happened mystically in the existence of the Jewish nation which only few knew of them today through astra projection which was referred to in the Holy Bible as TRANSFIGURATION. What is the ARK of the covenant? Verily l say to you today that there are some people who are of the COCK WIND ORIENTATION.They go with the wind.Any body who gets drunk and behaves abnormal cannot be prayed for ordinarily and he/she would stop.Except that spirit is driven out and ban never to return.The person is jinxed.Never should any of you humanbeing who call his/her self a christian put the Bible under your bed or pillow where you make love.Women should never put the Bible under their armpit touching your breast.Never expose the Bible in your room by puting it on your table during love making.Do you know the reason why some fast and pray but no result? Some people just say pray,pray and nothing more. Do you know the direction of the cadinal points to face? Do you know why YEHESHUA CHRISTO always left his disciple behind when going to pray? If this problem is happening to the husband to be of the writer,pls inbox me but if someone else don't inbox me.Be blessed.

19 May 2016 03:25

Is that the kind of man u want to spend d rest of ur life wit? If nt u knw what to do... Marriage is to enjoy nt to endure.... Wise up joor

19 May 2016 09:32

Quote by celestinaw
Quote by "Glory11"
Pray 4 Him

@ Glory i hav b doing is just dat he refuse to change.

B4 you guys start hanging out do you call the present of God, is your Pastor aware that you guys are in a relationship which you guys are hoping and planing strengthen by Marrying each other..
Just let me be sincere with you.... I don't think He is your man
Better still Pray harder and inform your Pastor..

19 May 2016 15:34

Hmm, marriage counselors many for here oo!

19 May 2016 16:30

My dear, firstly u are a true born again christian that does not guarantee that it can get him born again with prayer or deliverance ...
Accepting such man in a relationship doesn't guarantee you to be a saviour in the relationship ...
My sister, marriage is a life relationship ...
You never can tell if that man is cursed with the alcoholic drinks he do drinks ... Or maybe it to wipe off his sad moments...
Try to talk to him on that but have it in mind that such relationship will have or suffer some set back like fornicating or committing adultery or making bad friends ...
Think but the first step to do is take your problems to God ... Ask for His direction , He will surely leads you ... Believe in God

19 May 2016 16:32

Number of years in relationship is not the issue but God leadership in a relationship is the best ...
Seek His guidance and direction ....

19 May 2016 19:09

Relationship! Relationship!! Relationship!!! Isn't this bible called FORNICATION,