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3 May 2014 07:53

Akpos was enjoying the sun at
the beach in Lekki when a lady
came and asked him, "Are you
Akpos replied, "No, I am Akpos."
A man came and asked him the
same question.
Akpos replied, "No! No!... I'm
Later on a little girl came and
asked him same question again.
Akpos became angry and
decided to move away.
While walking, he saw a guy
sunbathing. He went up to him
and asked, "Are you Relaxing?"
The guy replied, "Yes, I am
Akpos hit him real hard on the
face and screamed, "Where have
you been?! Everybody has been
asking of you?!"
What do you think will happen
to Akpos?

2 Jun 2014 16:00

Nt much

18 Oct 2014 10:29

Jst a litle argument and knowledge

19 Oct 2014 15:54


19 Oct 2014 15:56

cnt laugh akpos is 2 silly

19 Oct 2014 15:58


19 Oct 2014 15:59

Clap 4 Akpos,,,,,

13 Jan 2015 12:08


21 Jan 2015 20:39


21 Jan 2015 20:42

funny thing!!!