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13 May 2016 14:07

Why is it so common? Guys always believe dat once a girl enters university..the girl wil live them 4 a beta guy? Why? I wnt to knw

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16 May 2016 11:58

Because there is a lot of struggle 2 survive in d university. To survive accademically, financially and even 2 survive d cult members. So d man may believe dat since he is not there, d lady can easily identify with another guy both 4 security and provition who she may in-turn (after d course of their study) may not be able 2 abandon.

16 May 2016 12:00

Though not all. Some guys stil trust their girls even up 2 university level and some girls ar stil faithful 2 their guys even in university.

16 May 2016 14:17

Its out of experience. Av seen men who lost their wives to other men upon giving them university admission. Part of the reason is the fantasy of being with a person of equal educational status. Yet its not all women that does that

17 May 2016 05:52

It's normal, there are stages in life and each stage is with it's challenges

17 May 2016 11:45

Hmmmnnnn !