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12 May 2016 22:56

How does it feel to be in distance relationship?

13 May 2016 09:23


13 May 2016 10:49

It depends on how u handle it.

13 May 2016 11:19

A distance relationship is nothing bad, but u both have to trust one another and not to jealous

13 May 2016 13:52

What if the person is feeling insecured

13 May 2016 14:50

Quote by ugfine650
What if the person is feeling insecured

Then he/she should go & stay in police or army barracks for security

14 May 2016 02:53

relationship is not based on how close or far you are. What matters most is the trust, honesty, loyalty and care so distance has nothing to do with relationship

14 May 2016 06:04

Distance did not mean anything in relationship but at the same it mean alot

14 May 2016 06:52

It means alot.....infact I count it as rubbish.

14 May 2016 09:02

Most pple who U see often are far from U in mind so what mater most is d distance between ur heart not dat of location once ur love for one another is genue ur heart ll always be together.

14 May 2016 09:25

it has merits and demerits, for balanced relationship, JTS advisable to always put the following into consideration, 1. absolute trust 2. understanding 3. maturity 4. understanding 5. prayer

14 May 2016 10:11

well it OK but understanding matter most

14 May 2016 14:46

I don't see anything bad in distance relationship bt love matters. That s my own opinion.

14 May 2016 15:00

Well at time distance matters in relationship cus one need to understand the life of one another and also learn how to be with that person know the things that he/she like and dislike....

14 May 2016 16:21

If the love is there" and trust" is ok"

14 May 2016 17:19

You right Akslimsy

14 May 2016 17:20

It all depends on both parties

15 May 2016 01:01

very lovely..if only there will be a steady visit betwee the both

15 May 2016 15:20

Distance relationship never work out okey, nomatter how strong the love between the two lovemate is if their is distance then they end up seperated because distance in relationship means subtrating of attraction from attention, caring from love, need from want, understanding from reasoning, endurance from patient.

15 May 2016 15:33

their is no how strong your love, loyal, faithful, trust, and commitment to one another is, with distance one day your selfish satisfaction and desire will overcloud everything and definitely seperation will occur.
I strongly say their is no any merit or good in the dictionary of distance relationship to any love/ soulmate