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12 May 2016 20:42

Today in the world generally,there was a powerful weapon that was not made,but created by the creator of all creatures!.the weapon that was powerful above all weapon:that can explode in a seconds and even destroy within the bleaking of an eye.these weapon was coming from unknown place,although it usually passout through a hole in our body.these particular weapon has done much so far in the life of many people:it work has affected some peoples life in positive way,while it has also affected many in negative way.these weapon has sent brought some people back to home from away,and it has also sent so many people far away from home.these same weapon has give freedom to some people,and mind you,it has also put many in bondage.some has been free by these weapon,and many has also been jailed by it.these particular weapon has made some people a famous,and it has declared many as a wanted. these weapon is not atomic bomb,concentrate acid,carbonmono-oxide,TNT,and so good people,what is the name of these weapon?

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13 May 2016 10:25

Ekpere, Akam, Adura, Prayer!

13 May 2016 10:35


13 May 2016 15:01

Lol! Very simple. Is either tongue or woman stuff u no wot I mean by woman stuff.

13 May 2016 15:03

The tongue?

13 May 2016 16:04

Hmmm I Stl Need Mor Answer!

13 May 2016 16:10


13 May 2016 17:27

Tongue or love

13 May 2016 21:04


14 May 2016 05:36

For spiritual :The Word of God
For normal word The Tongue is the powerful weapon

14 May 2016 09:09

I think is d word that comes out of our mouth bcos d whole creature were brought into existence by word. And once U pronounce a word is either it edifying or destroy.

14 May 2016 12:41


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15 May 2016 01:15

that powerful weapon is sex,that all

15 May 2016 12:10

give a hint

15 May 2016 13:25


15 May 2016 13:36