Nigerian forum: Politics - Nigeria Fantastically Corrupt
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12 May 2016 11:25

Nigerians Fantastically corrupt:
British Prime Minister was fantastically right,
The Queen of Englands comment was fantastically modest
Nigerians are right to be fantastically angry about the PM's mockery
The President of Nigeria has fantastically scored a double by his comment "i don't need an apology I need our assets back''
okay now dear kontry people be fantastically honest and serious in fighting corruption and stop hailing corrupt people, neither friend, family nor anybody for that matter as fantastic.
This way no PM would mock you and make the word ''fantastically'' to taste like poo in your ears.

Let your anger move you to create a corrupt free CHURCH, a corrupt free SOCIETY and a corrupt free KONTRY!!!

13 May 2016 09:39

Only time will tell

14 May 2016 09:30

k won't be surprised if our leaders in this country, they will still intensify their corruption by making sure that more illicit funds are deploys into the confers of the UK banks and in return disbursed it as single digit interest rate for the big tycoons in the country and Nigeria is deteriorated