Nigerian forum: Literature - LEADERSHIP AND HARDSHIP(continue)
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12 May 2016 09:38

While water will be drop out of some eyes.for those that just started to planned, on how their future will be bright and how they will become a successful person in life.they will be thinking in twice,is it to adjust and re-dress in their planned? or to continue with their focus? if they adjust and start another plan,it mean that they will start again from the beginning:which can be a long contrary to these,if they continue with their setting goals,it mean they may also be confront with the same challenes face by such a leader.but for those that has already pass half way on their journey to success,the will reign-force in their determination,and ready to confront any challenges that may come accross their way.because with what they have already passthrough in the past,what is happening presently and what is to happen in the future which were about to reach:the will neither make an attempt of reverse nor intension of re-start....

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Why Hmmm @gladden?

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gv ur reason 4 say xo