Nigerian forum: Literature - THE FOUR CATEGORIES OF PEOPLE IN THE WORLD(2-THE CONFUSSION continuation)
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11 May 2016 23:57

Either the one that was eligible for it,or the one that was appease for it.In their struggle for a way to escape,there may be opportunity for them to dodge that present challenges:in which were not please using such a chance,they will move away beyond such a DUO! and be glad.meanwhile,sooner or later,they will still come accross it:whereby there will be no option to choose.atlast,they will accept the fate! but what of the time that has been wasted? it can never return!.for these group is nothing but something:e.g determination,focus,hope,work-hard,prayer and so on.all these will help them to be a successor in life.

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14 May 2016 20:52

majority fall into this group