Nigerian forum: Literature - THE FOUR CATEGORIES OF PEOPLE IN THE WOLRD(1-THE CONQUEROR continuation)
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10 May 2016 23:34

In viewing to the exact causes of the particular problem,the remedy require were use in finding solution to is the out-come of the result that will give out the next decision to take on such a situation,either to keep moving on or exit from it.Mind you,two-third or seventy out of hundred percent of these group usually were weigh-down,the rest one-third were keep moving and maintain the present situation with the previous one.also these kind of people use to think on their problem:not that they think of it-and it is when you think on your problem,that solution is about to find.but in contrary to these;when you are thinking of your problem,the matter will just be prolonging and if care was not taking,it can be out-of-range!.with the retaining of these group,keeping moving on,maintaining their position,through their pursueing goal:they became a POSSESSOR;they usually attain and achieve a lot out of their the end of the day,they become best with a great distinction and awardf to the winning team.

11 May 2016 23:13


12 May 2016 20:11

Why Hmmm@gladden

14 May 2016 20:43

it not easy to conquer.....people that surrounded our milieu most at times makes success difficult to achieve in life,while some people were lucky to have the best people around them