Nigerian forum: Literature - OLIVER TWIST.chapter 1
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10 May 2016 00:40

Early in the morning,i was woke-up around 5:30am,by the cold air caming from my window.i peeping through it,and feel the falling dew of the weather,am so tired:maybe because of all the preparation that we have been made so far,for the journey to unknown land!.a journey through the dark and thick forest,a journey of many days and night,a journey consist only oliver and mayden!:the two orphan children,that their fate was to move away from the formal environment;where the spirit of their parent were still roaming about.i quickly gave glory to the LORD:the omnipotent,omniscience and omnipresent:he who took me into the doom of death in the night,and brought me back into the light of living again.i entered my batheroom and took my bath,oliver,oliver:that was mayden:an 18yrs old elderly sister,she has been prepared tor the journey,ma am coming:i answered know the journey must start by 7:00am.i know ma,i quickly get-out of the bathroom,as i finish my dressing,we park our belong and set-out for the journey!