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8 May 2016 12:25

Many have been dented and panel beat by the heartbreak they find in relationship where they had high expectation. Its weighted them down such that when they meet the one who is ready to cross the ocean for them they switch off still thinking they met other regular heart breakers. But the only thing to make the difference is someone who has got good sensitive inner eyes to know the real from fake lovers. Not everyone has this eyes!

9 May 2016 14:01

That's why yoruba adage says "If we close our eyes for bad people to pass, good people may pass us by without us noticing" I'ts the heartbreak some have experience that is making them not 2 want to believe in genuein relationship.

9 May 2016 14:29

I feel you Gbenga #make sense#

9 May 2016 21:37

so tell me do u hav dis inner eyes,hav u find d one who can cross oceans 4 u.

9 May 2016 23:51

YES! Mercy i have found her! #smile# i sincerely hope she knows i can cross the ocean for her too

9 May 2016 23:58

i guese she is lucky 2 hav u in her life

10 May 2016 00:01

#smile# you can say that again though she is wonderful too

10 May 2016 00:30

I hope she says yes to me

10 May 2016 00:54

am sure she would yes 2 u,am sure she loves u 2

12 May 2016 16:52

Thanks, Royal56.

11 Oct 2016 22:17

Dats True My Bro