Nigerian forum: Literature - WHAT I'L YOU DO,IF YOU ARE TO BE THIS GUY
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7 May 2016 05:29

A guy get admission into higher institution,when he reach house,he give the letter to his parent,after they rejoice with him,they now tell him that he i'l wait till next year cause they dont have money to spend for now,the guy begin to cry & full of sorrow in his heart... IF YOU ARE TO BE THE GUY,WHAT I'L YOU DO???

13 Aug 2016 07:24


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23 Aug 2016 19:17

start hustling to assist their little effort

1 Sep 2016 14:06

Quote by shollyplus
start hustling to assist their little effort

3 Sep 2016 04:13

D Guy Just Have To Wait 6 His Parent Don't Ve money

11 Dec 2016 20:21

He shd get a job dt ll earn him an income so dt his dream ll not be shattered.

21 Dec 2016 14:40

i wil hustle 2 get the money