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5 May 2016 16:12

Today in the world,love has been giving many different of expression, definition,and explanation.according to many psychologist,philosophy and proffesor,;they have gave so many point of view,but on their own side of perceiverance.some people even that was deffered to those that are mention above,they too gave their own definition.some said love is a game,some said it is a fun,other call it a play,some even say it is a life! and so on.yoruba people say IFE LAKOJA OFIN.from me(PRINCEOLOYIN) love is an affection,an emotion and a temptation;it was easy to perceive,but hard to achieve.for you,everyone,each,and individual may still have your own expression.but in whatever you call love to be,it base on the side that was turn to you.mind the best of all definition was the one,that come from those that have been in love;because they will speak according to what they passthrough,when they are in love.any definition from those that have not been in love,is just an idea and imagination!. my good people,what is LOVE???

6 May 2016 11:59


6 May 2016 15:19

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6 May 2016 16:13

Is love really blind as people say?

6 May 2016 20:55

Love Is Water And Garr

6 May 2016 22:59

in ur Own Life abi @okanlawoadewale

8 May 2016 19:15

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8 May 2016 22:06

why @pretty10?