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4 May 2016 16:55

What double wahala for a dead body that got accident? these life sha-empty on emptiness,barren upon barren.asan lori asan! what can we called it for a parent;that tried with all their effort-in rearing their child-feeding from a little to the and nothing being,into a well develop being.spending a lot of money in sending such one to school from nursery, primary,secondary.and with extra effort-further to higher instition;which all of us know to be an open world,for those pupils in that field of study.after all that the parent spend on this child in order to become a person of notation in world.but at the end of the day,such a child was passout with flying in all his or her area of concentration.and searching for a job,he/she was still searching up to 3yrs and find nothing to do.when the matter was about to be out of range;male become a armrobber and female became a people,who is at fault???

5 May 2016 11:18

them,bcos they couldnt exercise sm patience.

5 May 2016 11:34

But After 3yrs Of Graduate @sophiajames

5 May 2016 11:36

it doesnt matter how long it takes.Trust in God

5 May 2016 12:14

But Sophia,cn U Wait 4 Such Lng If U Ar D One?

5 May 2016 13:15

Everyday, we are confronted by this issue of joblessness but I beg to be different here. "ANY PERSON WHO IS A GRADUATE BUT CANNOT USE HIS INGENUITY TO CREATE JOB FOR HIM/HERSELF IS A FAILURE". The Igbo name for University is "MAHADUM" which literally means KNOW IT ALL.
The problem is not that there is no job. The problems are as follows
1) Most of these graduates are not serious with their studies, thereby bagging only paper certificate but not skillfully graduates.
2) People just pick up courses that are not embedded on their talents so as help develop the inert skills they have. The essence of university is to develope your skill to make it marketable.
3) Some don't even know the talent God deposited in them
1) Its high time people wake up and take their studies serious.
2) Before going to University, firstly, find out areas yu have talent and check the course that will help yu develop it.
3) Before entering University, tell yourself that there is no job out there. This will help you to think and create job for yourself with your skill and be an employer not employee.
* By my qualification, I suppose to be a teacher but after schooling, I discovered that am talented in actin, social compering and rearing animals. These are my jobs today not teaching

5 May 2016 13:38

@Tonyiloka u v said it all.

5 May 2016 14:54

Governmnt fault

5 May 2016 14:57

Them! coz,d nxt tin 4 dem z nt 2 be armed robber or 2 be doin prostitution

5 May 2016 15:07

gv ur reason 4 said such@FAMO1849

5 May 2016 15:09

den whatz d next tin@walexy4 lov

26 Oct 2017 13:08