Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - How can someone maitain a distance relationship
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4 May 2016 14:38

Pls I need ur advice on this

4 May 2016 18:27

4 May 2016 19:24

Babe is not eazy o bcus of dis distance matter my gul get marrad to anther man 5years we did nt c each other i use to call her n chart on fb ontill one day she said am tayed of watin wen r u comin back u kw am nt getin younger anymore n as a 19 9igger dt i am i need to come back with my dear is nt eazy @ll is only God n prayer.

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4 May 2016 20:23

It's not easy, but true love endures thru thick & thin

4 May 2016 22:27

My friend is very hard but with love you will overcome every temptation and be together again and it will last forever that's my belief.

5 May 2016 00:36

hmm! Great ?, only the grace of God can sustain it and with your prayer and commitment if truly you both are for each other it we end up well.

5 May 2016 01:29

First, its very difficult but not insurmountable provided that both are committed to it.
2ndly, prayer brings the necessary grace to sustain it.
Lastly, constant communications is very very vital because any relationship that lacks communication dies naturally

5 May 2016 01:30

Someone did talk of "True Love"

5 May 2016 01:39

any dstce on luv is a yes 2 closeness there4,such relationship expose some1 2 d unknown around d world. maintain it.

5 May 2016 09:39

To me true love can over come every storm no matter hw strong the storm may be.i did not say that it's easy but the love u have 4 him/her will keep u strong and going.

5 May 2016 10:39


5 May 2016 13:34

Even if a woman can stand it man can't dat is it.

5 May 2016 14:00

Is not easy, expecially for ladies. A man can stayed more than five year after normal age of marriage. But woman's can't. BCS if a woman spend 4 to 5 years after her normal age of marriage, is really a problem for her.

5 May 2016 15:00

Distance relationship can be maintain through communication, trust & commitement. Both party must have a strong faith that the relationship is going to work well, And above all, prayer; putting God first in the relationship is what can sustain it.

9 May 2016 00:14

have to be strong,trust your mate,talking wit each other,prayerfull

10 May 2016 00:45

Nothing like distance relationship, seeing is believing. woman can't withstand it, I didn't believe in it. My own girl avoid me without being offend and give me fucking excuse despite the love and promises.