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4 May 2016 12:48

The life was full of fortune and misfortune,which one stand on behave of happiness and the other on behave of sorrow.although both has it own merit and demerit;because in happiness,you will be able to thank GOD-give so much praise and glory to him in abundant:meanwhile,we have to give all praise unto him(GOD) in everyday of our life.Also in time of sorrow;you will be able to remember those that are in need-that they found life difficulty for them;in which even 1square meal was so hard for talkless of three square is of both;the good and bad-no one can escape from these two duo;even the unborn child inside her mothers womb!.my people,all we have to know and understand is that,whatever happened to us between the two,has been destined on.and whatever that we loose was not in our portion.but there is one remedy for bad destiny to be change,it was prayer-the most powerful weapon to fight all type of enemy.and the master key-to open the door of all happiness and close all the door of on praying

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Why Hmmm @cute Raja

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4 May 2016 22:35

Reasonably it's reality

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5 May 2016 11:12

true talk dear

5 May 2016 15:31

Well said.