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3 May 2016 23:28

All is well-since there is no reward of saying all is bad;although some time,your mind will be telling you to speak your feeling out:maybe those who hear it can take a pity on you.a new born baby that started to cry and screaming;experience of another world,which was large in millions times of the one he/she was coming from.also the baby has feel the environment he/she found his/her self;in differed to the first world(womb).maybe thats all why the baby was crying,or one of the angel that was in charge of him/her has give the expression,definition and explanation of all what the new world is all about.we all are born to strive before we can survive;labour in 24/7 for our daily bread-the food to eat,which was the most major thing to get;even under any will saw many strong and able man,carrying 3bag of rice on back;just to earn a money for a living.and a beautiful lady doing sales in food canteen;all because of daily people,may the LORD be sufficient for us in all the way.think twice!

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4 May 2016 22:09

why hmmm @lancemike

5 May 2016 00:38