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3 May 2016 12:54

Since there is nothing best at a confussion moment,than to be patient-patient is the factor that will give you the source of all a problem,most especially when there is misunderstanding.In a moment,when all things look boring to you-that it seem has if the world had turn it back to you;and you even look back at your shadow and it has disappeared,then you have to create a self-image;which will follow you to everywhere you go,and be with you wherever you are.but mind you, the best self-image was the LORD,-the owner of all image!.and if you have to made him(LORD) your self image,then you have to be patient.because a proverb say *THE PATIENT DOG;EAT THE FATEST BONE*.also a yoruba proverb say *BI OJU BA FI ARA BALE DAADAA;YI O RI IMU*.my people let be patient in any condition we found our self,so that we can possess the strenght and mighty to overcome the possitive side of the whole world...Be Wise

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3 May 2016 17:49
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3 May 2016 23:29

Patience is d key

3 May 2016 23:43

The Key To Attain Any Possitive Level In There Life @dear Surepeace

4 May 2016 00:34

That's true.

4 May 2016 02:04

Dis one no bi prayer na worlds of encouragement so y sum pple dey say Amen?

4 May 2016 06:59

Thats d truth of it! 10x 4 d word of wisdom

4 May 2016 07:26

God is d rewarder for those dat diligently seek him is good indeed to be patient "Ape ko to jeun ko ni je ibaje"