Nigerian forum: Religion - THUS SAIDTH THE LORD
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3 May 2016 12:40

Thus saidth the Lord of the universe... i declare,decree & prophesy that... in this new month & the remaining of this year... Nothing shall be impossible for us,& all our endeavor shall be granted with favour,mercy & prosperity to fulfill the purpose of being on the earth... HaPpY nEw MoNtH

3 May 2016 14:44

Wish yu d same

3 May 2016 15:52

Woe betide him who say when d Lord has not spoken.

3 May 2016 18:05

Wish u d same oo. Amen

4 May 2016 00:35

Tnx, and I wish u dsem.

4 May 2016 02:06

Amen n same too u