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2 May 2016 23:59

To LORD be the glory;the omnipotent,omniscience and omnipresent.all praise be unto him;the creator of all creatures...Back in the days,when we begging;from creche-that our best food was pap inside a flask.the time when our mother used pampers for us-incase of any incasity;since we dont posses the sense of control the body,talkless of speak a word of awareness.that time when the feace and urine will just come,without power of control the both.from creche to baby class;the class of ryhme-since all we are thought in that stage was rain rain go away,pussy cat,dancing dancing,johnbull my son,twinkle twinkle little star and so on.infact we may not called it baby class,but rhyme class!.from there,we move to a nursery class-here we experience a little change;because we were thought A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,and so on.and if i may rememember,we were told that A is for APPLE,B is for BALL and C is for ... and so we may call that class a ALPHABET CLASS!!! please my people,was all these be a true or faulse?

3 May 2016 09:58

I don't understand

3 May 2016 10:50

just read and digest it well @lancemike

3 May 2016 11:34

3 May 2016 12:21

True ofcoz

4 May 2016 02:29

When i read rich wer pussy day i fear o i say watin pussy dey fine 4 here