Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - To whom it may concern (strictly 4 d men n guys)
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2 May 2016 22:06

Let's air out d truth here, guys . . . We are in an age datn is balls deep in its reliance on text message conversations. Men seem 2av one thing in common: dey like 2touch base by sending text messages, Although some of us d ladies appreciate them but let ur texts be meaningful, accepted, Texting is mutually beneficial 2both genders in d world of dating. Some ladies prefer text messages 4 several reasons. But as 4me d reason being dat it gives me a shield. Dis shield protects me 4rm absolutely having 2respond 2 unwanted messages.
There are some common habits guys av dat drive us completely nuts wen it comes 2text messaging.
imagine a guy sending 5texts in a row all ending or beginning with "lol", babe ao far, u look beautiful, hello gorgeous, basically, it's a turnoff, n makes u luk like an immature douche. #State ur intention. #Let us decide if we are willing 2go out, n further wen we are free. It's as easy as saying, "I would like 2take u out, We aren't idiots, stop flattering or teasing us....stop bombarding us wit questions, especially questions that aren’t fun like of which u guys think dat u are complimentary us.
If you're the sender of these texts, look no further for the reasons you're being ignored or written off. Keep the above mentioned in mind, and thank us later. Do not b offended.
#I loved u 4 who you are !!!

3 May 2016 10:03

Beautiful, this is being outspoken. Kudos to dear, u just hit d nail in d head, well done

3 May 2016 11:43

Wow! Come on this is beyond beautiful... Thanks.. God Bless You

3 May 2016 13:24

Tanx&keep it up

3 May 2016 19:30

wonderful writeup, u av said it all and we will take dressing to that.

3 May 2016 23:48

Quote by Kennyolons
wonderful writeup, u av said it all and we will take dressing to that.

To whom it may concern....