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2 May 2016 15:10

Its has really become a habit in Nigeria whereby you get message or texts on ur fb , WhatsApp or bbm threatens to kill you if you do not send it to 20 people or type amen... The most annoying thing in all is that graduates and supposed learned people send these ' messages'' to their friends every day. These messages carry lots of threats; some of the messages say you will suffer or go broke for a week if you don't share..
Do you think your destiny is tied to a message on social media? Do you genuinely believe you will receive instant miracles after you type ''Amen'' on that posts? You relay a message to 20 people on social media and believe in your heart that you will wake up tomorrow a billionaire...Like seriously, what is really wrong with us?

2 May 2016 17:28


2 May 2016 18:15


2 May 2016 23:09

dnt blame them its bcoz their are idle. I mean jobless

3 May 2016 10:07

Don't mind them

4 May 2016 02:33

Story 4 my 4fadas

17 Sep 2016 16:54

When I See Such I Just Ignore It Simple