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2 May 2016 09:22

Here we are today;with all our curiosity,in seeking for poweriority,to differenciate between priority and superiority-the two consecutive element,that usually appeared simultaneously in which if care was not taking-what is good and entice but yet for it time;can unknowingly choose for the one that is better and eligible in that we are today:in remembering of all that stressed and sweat;the water that cannot see again-maybe because it has dried out of the body or went to heaven as a we ar today:in review back to the day,in which all were rejoice-that everyone,each and individual were happy;shouting of their freedom;saying we are now safe and save from slave-although safe is to free from harmful and dangerious thing,meanwhilesave is to keep something may be for future we are today;that time,when all the children were matching on the platform,in honouring of our 'immortal',as the soldier use to walk on the battle fiele:maybe those kids has knew it wil be battle atlast

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2 May 2016 15:38

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u no dey yan again oo

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3 May 2016 10:52

datz u my dear peace@surebabe123