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1 May 2016 10:12

At a point of celebration,for a celebrity:that has atlast became a successful person in life,and in the world generally.inspite of all the confrontation,with unpleasant situation;that none of us who pray for it:but that must be embrace by the individual who come accross it.although nobody who pray for any problem or calamity to come on his/her way;but everyones prayer to GOD was solution,in order for individual problem to be solve.When a successeful person or a great leader gave a summary of positive side of his life hhstory,relief and happiness will be discovered in the face-of-all:it will look smooth and bright.many will be eager to be like such a will be as if their own too life should be accelerate,in order to become a successor like that leader.In other hand,when he gave the account of the other side(negative part)of his history in summary,pain and sadness will appear in all face:it will look rough and dull.some will look curious,some will be stunne and even water will be drop out of some.....

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