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30 Apr 2016 22:35

CARELESS speaking is a vicious habit.
When one realizes that his words are the coin of his kingdom, and that his words can be a cursing influence, or a blessing, he will learn to value the gift of speech.
Control your tongue, or it will control you.
You will often hear men say, "I speak my mind."
That is well if you have a good mind, but if your mind is poisoned, it is not good.
An idle word spoken may fall into the soil of some one's heart and poison his whole life.
What a blessing good conversation is and what a curse its opposite.
Make your tongue a blessing, never a curse. A person is judged by his speech. Your words make you a blessing or a curse. Your words may carry a fortune in them. Learn to be master of your conversation.

2 May 2016 23:10

true talk

3 May 2016 12:14

word of wisdom