Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - QUESTION FOR GUYS WHAT WILL YOU DO?
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25 Apr 2016 12:18

A guy was dating a lady,he meet in school,they love each other very much,she want to keep her Virginity until they get marred,they graduated after some years,the guy was now looking for a job same with the lady,dis guy finally got the job at last,unknowing to the guy that his fiancé has to sleep with the boss before they gave him the job,they where living a comfortable life,it was the day of her birthday the guy propose to her,she was crying,the guy ask her why she was crying,she told him,WHAT WILL YOU DO?

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25 Apr 2016 12:31

If you where the guy in question what will you do?

25 Apr 2016 12:33

Lets us be real and honest

25 Apr 2016 12:35

Hmmmmm love issue

27 Apr 2016 16:30

I will just broke the relationship

3 May 2016 12:56

No matter hw much i love her,i'l gv her straight RED CARD,coz no matter hw it may b,she suppose 2 tel me b4 takin such dicision by herself