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22 Apr 2016 01:58

great countries are great bc they utilised the potentials in their people without discrimination to move d country forward. with d situation of our country do we still base on credentials or go for potentials? pls ur answere wih reason/reasons

22 Apr 2016 11:00

Mostly, nigeria believe in certificate,, but other countries believe in sabificate,, but for me,, i think............ SABIFICATE IS FAR BETTER THAN CERTIFICATE.

22 Apr 2016 13:34

far better than certificate

22 Apr 2016 14:20

Potential and credential are inseparable. God gives potential but if yu didn't develop it, it will still be at crude stage. Government everywhere doesn't go for certificate, rather the reason why they ask for certificate is to have the evidence that you have developed your potentials. So I advise people to go for the course that will develope their talents and potential not just reading for reading sake. That way, they will be employable anywhere

25 Apr 2016 17:35

hiya...quite get ur point toni,bt do u fink in Nigeria for example does d education system makes u employable? me it capital No....we all say we ar developin bt does d education sector developed aswel????i graduated from one of the best universities in Nigeria in mechanical engineering but i can beat ma chest and tell you that all i was taught are obsolute compare to the real world nealy made me unemployeable because the experience is not there and it aint ma have to read and read just to pass but the technical aspect of it is never to me i fink sumtyms it nt d fault of dis graduate but d education sector dt needs rebranding