Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - IS IT POSSIBLE TO LOVE MORE THAN ONE PERSON?
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21 Apr 2016 09:58

Is it possible to be inlove with more than one person?

21 Apr 2016 09:59

Let's be real

21 Apr 2016 10:00

Add your opinion

21 Apr 2016 19:50

Yes it is very much possible bt a responsible man or woman ll only share his or her heart with only one person.

21 Apr 2016 21:46

U can luv many. D Bible commands dat u luv all. But remember, luv and date are not d same. Double date is completely wrong.

21 Apr 2016 22:44

its not possible to love two person at a time, you can like as many as possible but true love is only for a person and it never dies

21 Apr 2016 23:15


21 Apr 2016 23:31

very possible. even more

22 Apr 2016 00:23

Yea. The bible talks abt love. Bt its good to date jst one person and be contented with it.

22 Apr 2016 00:35
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22 Apr 2016 09:29

No one sarve two master at a time is not possiable to lov two people at once dat person is just killin his self

22 Apr 2016 12:40

Yes is possible
bt in relationship is very wrong..

22 Apr 2016 13:28

Quote by WILFREDO2
very possible. even more

22 Apr 2016 13:29

Quote by otoidejonathan
What kind of silly question is this, who on earth can't love two or more person. expect such person was born by robot.

If you're humans it a normal process in life to love more than one person

22 Apr 2016 14:12

Me i hv 3 gul friends noting do me

22 Apr 2016 15:42

I hv two gal bt i luv one nd the second one dat we are just play nd play we surely hv end one day.

22 Apr 2016 17:02

it possible

22 Apr 2016 18:09


22 Apr 2016 18:20

Its Possible To Love Many As U Can

22 Apr 2016 18:25

Example: The One That Giving U Money Nd D One Who Given Heart To U, D One Who Respecting U,Obeying U,loves U Which One Will U Not Love Between Them?