Nigerian forum: Other - AS A WOMAN,CAN YOU MARRY SUCH MAN??
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17 Apr 2016 06:45

U had a child in which u divorced de father and u met dis single guy who loves u and promise 2 marry but tell u dat ur child cannot live wt u while in his house..tho he will be responsible 4 de child upkeep. and tell u 2 put de child in hostel nd de child be living wt ur said is just 7yrs

18 Apr 2016 14:58

I can never marry such a guy

18 Apr 2016 15:30

Not in my life

18 Apr 2016 18:02

I can't marry dat such of a guy

18 Apr 2016 22:31

I cant marry him cos if he really Love me he will0 accept me as who I am.

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18 Apr 2016 23:53

Well, i still believe that if this guy loves me truely he ll accept me and everything concerning me and accomodate anything that that belongs to me if nt wat is the LOVE then. Accept me and accept my kid simple or else u go.

18 Apr 2016 23:57

@ladydupson u hv 5 kids and u r not with d fada of dis kids anymore meybe u lose he or d both of u hv issuse dt i don't kw but now u fined a single guy ho luvs u but don't want u to bring ur child into his house. In ur last topic i ask u a quetion but u did not gv me any ans. Now u jst open up d o storry dt u divorced him. Well wt i tell u is dt any man dt luvs u most luv ur child fist.

19 Apr 2016 00:54

you have to marry the child first before marrying de mother

19 Apr 2016 01:01


19 Apr 2016 01:32

As 4 me,single guy i won't take rspnsibility of d's d duty of d biological father to do so.even if i am to take care of d child,then what will be d duty of d child real dad?

19 Apr 2016 08:35

i cant marry such of man defintly he has nt have passion 4me he just want me for part time job

19 Apr 2016 08:41

if am a woman, no way bcos he didnt prove his love to me

19 Apr 2016 10:18

A'm looking for someone to marry me here.

19 Apr 2016 10:32

Sin plus sin plus sin equal to a coalition of sins.What a people! What a generation! The Bible is perfectly right when it quotes God's words saying that these people honour me with their lips but their hearts are far away from me. I am pretty sure that every body who has responded to this topic is a christian. Or are they church goers? HERE AGAIN,I SAY THAT WISDOM IS A GIFT OF NATURE BUT IT IS GIVEN TO ONLY THOSE WHO ARE SENSIBLE ENOUGH TO USE IT FOR THE BENEFIT OF MANKIND. We all know what the Bible says about divorce and it there after.Are we not? The custody of any child should be on the real father.If he is so busy that he cannot takes care of the child,then he shud put the child in day care and pay.Any woman who takes another man's child to another marriage for the new husband to take care of him/her is like Jezebel who after killing, ordered Ahab to take possession.Let me ask those of you who say that you cannot marry such a man.Whose name would the child bear?At the end whose home and family would the child belong? FOOLISHNESS IS CHEAPER THAN WISENESS HENCE MANY PEOPLE GO FOR IT! To make a deaf and dumb a lawyer is as good as making a lame person a footballer. WHEN SENSE HAS GONE ON TRAVEL,FOOLISHNESS TAKES OVER THE KINGSHIP.who wud he rule?

20 Apr 2016 18:01

@emma..must every post here refer to me?? for ur info am happily married wt 2 kids and am still wt my if u can't put urself in dis post and comment wisely..better leave okay?? and besides its for de ladies.. every post here is from wat I see everyday..comment wisely

20 Apr 2016 23:50

Quote by Obatayobalo
A'm looking for someone to marry me here.

Good keep looking?

21 Apr 2016 20:00

Lets be realistic if d guy realy love Me he may av a reason to say dat u just find out d reason and if d reason is genue i can marry him cos is nt easy for a single guy to marry after one lady and take d whole responsibility of d mother and d child

5 May 2016 22:08

Are you on whatsapp

6 May 2016 16:05

Heyyyy ladies most of u can't do wot u r saying. Dats y most of afterone don't see husband, a man love 4rm his heart an den say he want to marry u after u av fucking here an there he don't kay bt went ova to marry u? U nw want him to takecare of anoda man kits. U don't no wot saying ok. Stay 4 Mr fool. Hw many of u can takecare of anoda person kits without complaning

6 May 2016 22:06

ladies hi, it is hard to find a human with sincere intenson with a tender heart
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