Nigerian forum: Jokes - Akpos & the Armed Robbers
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16 Apr 2016 19:43

Akpos was dragged to church for
deliverance by Ofego due to his
crazy life style.
On the way back home, Akpos
and Ofego were attacked by
armed robbers. The Armed Robbers said; Your
money or your life.
Akpos was silent.
Ofego was afraid.
The armed robbers requested
again; Give us your money or your life.
Akpos said; I don't have any of
the two.
The armed robbers were
surprised and asked why?
Akpos replied; On the way to church, beggars
asked for my
money, and i gave them. At the
church, they told me to give my
life to Christ, and I have given it
to Christ. Armed robbers sorry,
beggars and church reach me before you. There's
no life and
money to give.

19 Apr 2016 01:01


21 Apr 2016 17:41

Hahahaha, Akpos dooo

26 Apr 2016 09:58

Lol... c crazy akpos

19 May 2016 00:52

Hahaha nawa oh u no go kil me