Nigerian forum: Jokes - (laugh it off) WILL THIS BOY GETS HOME IN PEACE OR PIECES? (shud the boy be blamed?)
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15 Apr 2016 14:49

It was 3 days to christmas.PAUL who lives in abject poverty began to cry bcus no money to buy food and clothes for the children.A friend of his was compassionate for him.'For the sake of the children, not to beg,come to see me at home later,'the friend told him.PAUL went to the friend's place with his 8 yrs old son.The friend gave him N10,000 which covers food and clothes then.On their way home,the father hid the money in one of his shoes due to the menace of robbers along the road.Some minutes later,some robbers intercepted them on their way.The robbers found nothing on them.And the robbers said to the man,'can you swear that you have nothing to give us?'And the man said,'l swear,nothing'. And the boy said,'DADDY,you are a christian and God says we shud not lie but give to those who ask us of favour.Just take some money from the N10,000 that you hide in you shoe and give them'.The robbers took the money and they said,'Simple honesty you don't have.And we keep on blaming our leaders for lying.How can we move Nigeria forward as a country with people like you.If not that this boy is a God fearing boy,we wud have go empty handed.'And they took the money and gave the boy N20 and said to him,'You are a very good and straight forward boy.Keep up the job.God must surely reward you for making our christmas a memorable one.

17 Jun 2016 14:33


17 Jun 2016 14:43

funny boy

23 Jun 2016 07:43

Not hid fault is due his age

23 Jun 2016 07:43

Not his fault is due his age

2 Aug 2016 20:20


15 Aug 2016 17:42

I will beat the hell out of him

5 Sep 2016 14:02


21 Sep 2016 02:38