Nigerian forum: Religion - IF YOU ARE THE ONE,WHAT WILL YOU DO
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14 Apr 2016 17:46

U are a pastor,God is using u mightily,& some pastors are now jealous & went to mountain to pray for your downfall,God now show you the revelation & you have right to go & meet them there,what will you do or be your reaction when you reach there??? tell us

15 Apr 2016 12:12

When i get there i well jst luk at dem and lugh and say JAH 4ve dem 4 dey don't kw wt dey r doing

15 Apr 2016 12:55

God dey

15 Apr 2016 15:37

I'll do nothing because I see it as temptation, on the other hand if God answer their prayers that's mean I'm fake, but if he did not answer them that's mean I'm a real pastor. And I'll pray for them by asking God to forgive them.... That's my submission?

15 Apr 2016 18:09

sue them

15 Apr 2016 23:28

As for me i dn't have to go there becoz God had really show me hw much he loves me so their prayers are useless i dn't need to be disturb by their baseless prayers.

16 Apr 2016 01:33

I will go there and tell them what they are doing then do the following
* Preach to them to repent
* Pray to God to forgive them
* Minister Deliverance to them

16 Apr 2016 21:24

I'll pray 4 them to have a change of heart.

16 Apr 2016 21:53

I knw God av helped me to conquer dem,so I will just pray for dem n not just fight a battle dat has been won already

16 Apr 2016 22:59

I give good advice 2 dem nd dis world is too simple,D person dat God hav acept der is no 1 dat cn change it,i pity dem

16 Apr 2016 23:07

In every occupation, there are 4 categories of persons namely: (1) Those who are in the profession bcus they have the passion for it.These work according to all rules guiding the profession.(2) Those who go into the pofession because of the dignity in it and nothing else.They want to become noble.(3) Those who are there as their last hope for survival.These resort to it to make both ends meet.They don't have any passion for the job.(4) Those who were pre-natally endowed by nature to go into the world for that purpose and that brings us to destiny which l am going to speak about in the other article which talks about destiny.To answer the question of the writer,we have to go to the article of life and ascend to the spiritual level 9 (ARAMACHANDHA) We have to open the AKASHIC record and go to the area which talks about (mortal teachers) meaning clergies.Any person who is spiritually chosen from above to administer the work of PHAA (the creator) can not plot against his fellow clergy to destroys him and he too can not be destroyed by any plot or prayers,except he falls short of his duty and he can only be punished by he who IS who WAS and is to COME, AYESARAYE PHAA. If his calling is genuine,he cannot be destroyed.

17 Apr 2016 00:24

God ve showed me already what they went there to do, then I need nothing to do anymore, except to thnkx God and ask God to forgive them.

17 Apr 2016 05:36

leave them for God that's all

23 Apr 2016 20:10

Quote by Carles254
sue them