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14 Apr 2016 15:30

Wikipedia: I have everything
Google: I know everything.
Facebook: I know everybody.
Internet: without me, you'r all nothing.
NEPA: ok naa...we shall see!
Generator: I am there for them.
Fuel: you say?!
Don‘t spoil the fun, add yours. Mine is FINGER:without me you can‘t press/hold.

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15 Apr 2016 21:16

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16 Apr 2016 00:29

refinery. de lahf

16 Apr 2016 01:36


16 Apr 2016 02:10

Eyes: i am the king,witout me hw wil u see?

16 Apr 2016 09:43

God: without me nothing exist.

16 Apr 2016 20:11

EYE:without me all does are nothing

17 Apr 2016 17:04

Brain without nobody can creat site not talk of chat dia

17 Apr 2016 18:40

just they observe

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18 Apr 2016 06:36

HEART: without me all of yal r deadl

18 Apr 2016 10:38

penis n vergina: Witout me u're notin

18 Apr 2016 11:05

Quote by Oluwa-juwon
penis n vergina: Witout me u're notin

U re funny sha