Nigerian forum: Jokes - GOD IS THE ULTIMATE
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10 Apr 2016 00:16

I attended a birthday party with a gathering of
about 30 people. I sat at the front seat. A lady
started distributing food. She started from the
back and unfortunately, it didn't get to us sitting
at the front.
Another lady started sharing the drinks, she
started from the front but unfortunately I had
already moved to sit at the back. Again the drink
didn't get to me.
I was so furious that I stood up to take my leave
but then I saw three ladies each with a big bowl.
This time, I tried to be wise by sitting at the
middle. One of the ladies started the sharing from
the front, the second lady started distributing from
the back. The two ladies were sharing fried
turkey. When they got to the middle where I was
seated, it got finished again! Feeling so frustrated,
I bent my head, putting my face in my hands...
but then the third lady tapped me and stretched
her bowl for me to pick. I stretched and put my
hands inside the bowl... Guess what was in the
bowl? Toothpicks.
Moral: Do not try to position yourself in life, allow
God to put you in the right place otherwise you
will wrongfully position yourself for toothpicks.

11 Apr 2016 11:11

Hmmm... wat a wise word,a little word z enof 4 d wise,10x alot!!

11 Apr 2016 11:46

nice one thanks

11 Apr 2016 14:16

Amen a word in Season! Its time to Reposition our lives according to God's will. He Is Thee Ultermate God Indeed.

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11 Apr 2016 19:48

Where u r doesn't matter d eyes of JAH is everywere even in d grave

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12 Apr 2016 00:00

yes where u re weather poor or reach God is in control favour comes when the time is due and not all dat suffers most re d successful one

12 Apr 2016 01:52

Quote by Emma1919
Where u r doesn't matter d eyes of JAH is everywere even in d grave

@ Emma, Is u're answer Alligned wth the Topic??? Ofcourse every human being know God's Eyes Besearch the whole world!

12 Apr 2016 22:59

Word of life

2 Dec 2016 16:55

Nice One Is Also Good 2 Be Patience

21 Jul 2017 11:45

Thank you