Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Why girls like double dating
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8 Apr 2016 14:39

The main reason is cus of money and handsomeness

8 Apr 2016 14:40

Wat do u think

12 Apr 2016 21:17

Not all girlz double date bcuz of money. 2 me wot i tink is dat.
1.if she breakup with one she won‘t bother much cuz dere is another one.
2.Distance cause most of it all bcus, mayb she‘s datin some1 in lagos & later travel 2 anoda state, she will definitely av another guy dere...

12 Apr 2016 23:38

is not only ladies DAT double date , some guys too also do same, all ladies are not desame ok

16 Apr 2016 16:28

ol ladies ar not d same

16 Apr 2016 21:00

normal tin...i neva trust dem.