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8 Apr 2016 02:22

can a real man or woman have a life partner?

8 Apr 2016 11:33

Quote by olanrewajuyusfaith
can a real man or woman have a life partner?

Which one is real man or woman, I don't understand what you wrote?

8 Apr 2016 11:33


8 Apr 2016 12:13

Why not

8 Apr 2016 15:47


8 Apr 2016 16:33


8 Apr 2016 20:01


8 Apr 2016 20:27

Love is nt wicked people who play love is wicked.

8 Apr 2016 21:39

Explain what you mean by a real man or woman

8 Apr 2016 21:52

Love is not wicked it is u an i dat mak it wicked

8 Apr 2016 21:55

My dear writer,with all due respect to you and your article,l don't understand what you mean by a 'real man or woman'.Does it mean that some men/women are fake and some other are real? Or did you mean those who are genuinely looking for true marriage partners and not to taste?

8 Apr 2016 21:55

it depends on how u handling ur love,moreover love never wicked but people practising it is mose dangerous.

8 Apr 2016 22:27

Love is not wicked. Humans with sick minds abuse the love.

8 Apr 2016 22:42

Why do u conclude or intend that love is wicked. Can u us more explanation on it or sharing ur experience concerning d topic.

8 Apr 2016 23:34

Na u mk ham wicked naa, u start market 2day u no fit say haa una well done o u kon shydi market way we no fit prize mk u no dey carry dey post oo or i go block u shap shap u dey sleep nii abi u take hmm

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9 Apr 2016 02:23

Yes love is not wicked,just that we fall in love with the ones that does not knw hw to love us or may i say that does not loves us and in that process we put the blame on love that it's wicked.but once u meet with the right person than u will knw that love is the most sweetest among all.

9 Apr 2016 19:27

it depend

9 Apr 2016 20:13

Love is not wicked, rather the adams & the eves are wicked.

11 Apr 2016 09:42


11 Apr 2016 15:01

Y not