Nigerian forum: Jokes - "USE ME LORD"
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6 Apr 2016 00:43

JACOB was a cheat.
PETER was hot tempered.
DAVID had an affair.
NOAH got drunk.
JONAH ran from God.
PAUL was a murderer.
GIDEON was poor & insecure.
MIRIAM was a gossip.
MARTHA was worried.
THOMAS was a doubter.
SARA was barren and impatient.
JOSEPH was a shepherd
SAMSON was a womanizer
ELIJAH was moody.
MOSES stammered.
ZACCHAEUS was short.
ABRAHAM was old and
LAZARUS was dead...
Now, what's YOUR excuse?
Can God use you or not?

6 Apr 2016 13:09

Yes. Let God use me

6 Apr 2016 16:09


6 Apr 2016 16:48

Am ready for God work.

6 Apr 2016 19:05

Yes GOD can use me

6 Apr 2016 20:58

let God use me

6 Apr 2016 22:16

He's able, used me Lord.

6 Apr 2016 22:30

God use me 4 ur work now

7 Apr 2016 10:21

Hmmmmm! If truely u want God 2 use u, u must surrender ur life 2 him and allow him 2 take control of ur life.

7 Apr 2016 10:36

These names mentioned here is never an excuse dat u wil continue 2 live ur life d way u want and stil expect God 2 use u. Remember David suffered 4 his sins, it was after d flood dat Noah got drunk. Jonah surrendered 2 God b4 God used him. Paul repented of his acts and surrendered 2 Jesus b4 God used him. Miriam suffered 4 her sins and Sampson died a shameful death bcos of his sins. God has not changed, his standard remains d same= "Let evryone who cals on d name of God depart from iniquity." 2Timothy 2:19.

7 Apr 2016 13:41

Yes O'Lord, use me as ur instrument.

7 Apr 2016 21:16

Nobdy GOD can nt use,so use me

8 Apr 2016 08:31

he will surely use me

13 Apr 2016 12:17

I beliv he can use & i'l use me 4 his glory

10 Sep 2016 18:04

God use me

12 Sep 2016 00:04

Yes I Want D Lord 2 Use Me As Vessel And A Practical Instrument 4 Use