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6 Apr 2016 00:31

If you are born in any country, that is automatic
citizenship for you. If you are born in America, you
are considered an American by law. Please judge
this case for me abeg.
My parents met each other in London. Got married
in London.
My mom got pregnant with me in London.
1st month - London
2nd month- London
3rd month- London
4th month- London
5th month- London
6th month- London
7th month- London
8th month- London
8 months 3days, my mom came to ajegunle Lagos
and later gave birth to me. Now abeg judge this

6 Apr 2016 11:20

Ha... U b 9ja GUY o

6 Apr 2016 11:35

oh men Omo 9ja nahim u b ooo

6 Apr 2016 12:09

100% 9ja na u bi o nt only dt u bi omo ajegunle

6 Apr 2016 13:12

Original Omo Naija (OON)

6 Apr 2016 16:12

Bad luck 4 u, so u narrowly missed British citizenship ehn, sorry ooo, u be AJ city citizen joor

6 Apr 2016 17:33

don't mind na americana nia u be

6 Apr 2016 19:21

Sue ur mum 2 court.

6 Apr 2016 20:59

gja 4 real

6 Apr 2016 21:43

To b a nigerian citizen is not bad coz i always pray to God to hv anytin nd do wrk here in nigeria nd if i hv to go to forein land i wil go dia to emjoy myself not wrk orda any white man coz our 4father as wrk as dia slave in d past nd i can neva b a slave to any white man.

6 Apr 2016 22:45

Good or Bad..... I‘m proud to be a 9ja guy

7 Apr 2016 00:50

sorry na be ur name

7 Apr 2016 09:32

American Citizen By Conception N Niger By Birth.

7 Apr 2016 13:45

U are a naija boy.

7 Apr 2016 14:50

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7 Apr 2016 17:42

na 9ja guy you be

7 Apr 2016 17:47


7 Apr 2016 22:56

You want to be an half cast?

9 Apr 2016 15:20

whao,u belong 2 our nation

9 Apr 2016 22:31

B4 nko wetin u wan be ba complete naija guy u be.