Nigerian forum: Jokes - How will i tell them?
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6 Apr 2016 00:22

This morning i went to met my dad telling him i
just won a scholarship to study aboard, he was
happy,he went to tell my mum that was not the
end o, he went to sell his land nd borrowed
700,000, mummy went to the market to buy goat
4 pepper soup AND NOW I DON'T KNOW HOW

6 Apr 2016 11:22

I 1st reserve my comment

6 Apr 2016 12:24

Na wha 4 u uself na bad pikin o, well dt one na april fool celebration ur fada go tell d man say na april fool mk him no vex8-)

6 Apr 2016 13:14

Go and receive ur reward from them

6 Apr 2016 15:14

Hmmm, ok, but u know how u told him that u won a scholarship abi? Good for u

6 Apr 2016 19:27

Guy take courage n finish ur pepper soup, after u go tel ur papa 2 go and return d moni,na april fool!

7 Apr 2016 13:51

Oooh....., hmmm.

7 Apr 2016 18:35
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7 Apr 2016 19:22


7 Apr 2016 19:25


7 Apr 2016 21:25

tell am make e bring ur head down. Funny

9 Apr 2016 15:24

u self na fool

9 Apr 2016 16:27

Hw Cn U B Stupid 4 Sayin Dat

9 Apr 2016 16:30

hhh just tell them him self go beat u near to death an em go tell u April fool

10 Apr 2016 07:52

u self na fool