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4 Apr 2016 20:19

Have you ever experience difficulty or sadness in your relationship??? share it please!!!

5 Apr 2016 09:50

Yes i've exprience it.
The sadest thing i hate in a relationship, that is what happens to me.
And this things are:
1=>Lack of "calling me", or lack of "flashing" my line from my partner/lover.
2=>Lack of sending "text sms" to me, or lack of sending "please call me sms" from my love.
Those things, i them with passion, if my girl will not be doing it to me, as we are in a relationship with her.
And that is exactly, what happen between me & my girl. She always want me only, to be calling her, but if i didn't call her, she will not call me.

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5 Apr 2016 12:58

Hmmmmm,,,, it's inevitable

5 Apr 2016 19:02

Yea! D Most Sad Part Of It Is That The One I Love Most Among D Rest Will Be Blind Enough 2 See Or Feel It.

6 Apr 2016 20:37