Nigerian forum: Business - Why More Money Does Not Solve Money Problems
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4 Apr 2016 06:39

So you have money problems, such as being broke before pay day! or being indebted to people! or maxing out your credit card!

And you think that the solution to your problem is "make more money"
by getting a 2nd job! or starting a buy and sell business!

Well, I am so sorry to disappoint you but Social Scientists have found out that "making more money does not really solve money problems"

So, do you really want to know what can?

Then read it all here:

4 Apr 2016 15:47

Good advice, spend less

5 Apr 2016 07:21

No advice is better than this; MORE MONEY, MORE PROBLEMS.
So money can't solve anytin.

5 Apr 2016 10:14

I didn't agree with this statement which says or that says: "more money, more problem".
And my reasons are:
1=>You should know your income either per day, week or per month.
2=>You should plan your day to day expenditure, base on what you are earning per day, week or per month.
3=>You should reserve or save some your money, either in a bank or at home, for imergencies cases.
Therefore, when you apply the followings strategies/methods, you will never for once, agree with the above statement that says: "more money, more problems".
And may the LORD ALMIGHTY help us, so that: we may have focus for our life, by making and maintaining good plans for our salves, families, communities, state, nation and at large the world. In Jesus name, AMEN.

5 Apr 2016 20:44

For me, "more money, more problems" NO! It's more money more responsibility! It's because u r not earning as much as u work, that's y u have more problems. This is d reason I advice u to join "helping hands international". U don't have to work like elephant before u earn enough money. With just #6,600 investment and two people under u who will bring two people each. And each prospect bring @least two each, u will earn thousands of dollars plus other incentives like brand new internet ready laptop, brand new car, housing fund of $40,000, etc. Work less and earn more, then u won't say "more money equal more problem". WhatsApp me 09021543390 for more information, I can send u screenshot of my account plus earning

6 Apr 2016 01:50

Money is not God