Nigerian forum: Jokes - WHAT WILL U DO IF U WERE TO B D MAN????
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3 Apr 2016 18:56

In an oil company, this man was
about to
receive a contract of N30 million
when his
called him on phone.
On phone....
Wife: Woooooooooow, darling I
have a very
big surprise for u, I can't believe
this. Husband: wow, ok pls I will call u
back, I'm
about to receive a contract of N30
Wife: Darling, it's a good news but
this one is very urgent pls come home now,
pls it's VERY
Husband: but I'm about to...
Husband: em.. pls my wife just
called me for
an urgent thing. Pls grant me d
access to go
n come bak quick. Company: Well, if u leave, I'm
afraid of what
might happen to d contract.
The man quickly went home...
Husband: (Seriously sweating):
honey why dis urgent surprise, when I was abt
to receive a
contract worth 30
Wife: Honey, our troubles are
over and God has finally answered our
Husband: R u pregnant?
Wife: Haba honey is more than
pregnancy, if
it's just pregnancy I wouldn't have disturbed u
in ur contract.
Husband: Wow, so what's d
Wife: (Being happy) Honey, I can't
believe this, u knw we have been praying
over 6 months
now? God
has finally answered us. That Big
rat that
always disturb us in the kitchen is finally
dead, I called u to remove it,
I'm afraid of touching rats.

3 Apr 2016 18:57

I reserve my comment

4 Apr 2016 15:42

Hmmmmmm,,,,, maybe a hot slap will release d man's anger

4 Apr 2016 19:25

She just prove that she is the one against her husband progress. If i bi that man sha, well only God will be able to help her

4 Apr 2016 20:57

Wat i will do to her have not born yet.

4 Apr 2016 23:03

She is in trouble, if to says i'm the one.

4 Apr 2016 23:20

lol na to send her back to her fada house

5 Apr 2016 01:07

If am d man,i wouldn't say anything than 2 rush back 2 whr i want 2 collect d money,if i still make it 2 av d money,i i'l jst warn her & by gone it,bt if i didn't make d money again,i wouldn't beat her coz am a responsible husband,bt she i'l serve punishment for d offence she commit

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5 Apr 2016 01:08

Two things re involved if am d Man..1.if am already rich i will leave. 2. If other wise i will send her packin...she‘s a foolish woman

5 Apr 2016 01:14


5 Apr 2016 01:23

D truth is dat no amount of call wil make me 2 leave d contract. but if at all i missed d contract bcos of her, she wil go back 2 her parents while i plan on wat next 2 do wit her.

5 Apr 2016 16:45

I'll not live d contract if she did not give me a reasonable ans

5 Apr 2016 20:36


9 Apr 2016 15:28


9 Apr 2016 16:23

Jst Keep Quiet

9 Apr 2016 22:25

she is d main witch behind her husband success she want d husband 2 die in povert so i wil send her gome if it is me bt i dt wish 2 be him ooooo

11 Apr 2016 16:54

i will divors her

11 Apr 2016 18:20

eh jahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

11 Apr 2016 22:39

Yeeeeee ogun Esu ree ooo asasi plus edi confirmed ogun idile

11 Apr 2016 22:41

Yeeeeee ogun Esu ree ooo asasi plus edi confirmed ogun idile d next thing is to take d woman to hospital for mental medical care