Nigerian forum: Other - Which number FUNNY pass?
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31 Mar 2016 01:40

1.TEACHER: Akpos, name 10
animals you
AKPOS: 9 Lions and an Elephant
A stranger sent Akpos a text
message... .
2."Good evening sir, how was
your day? I'm so
sorry for disturbing you. I got
your number
from someone you know. I kindly need your
assistance, I need some money
which is very
paramount to my life and I don't
know if you
can assist me with any amount sir. You can
talk to me through text message
because I'm
Akpos quickly replied the
message, "Sorry please, I can't see what you
wrote. I'm Blind!",
3.only in African dat pple don't
rest even after
death,they still work as Ancestors or gods,busy
eating kola nuts,demanding
schnapps and fowls
4. It is only in Nigeria that you
will drive
someone to the airport and the person will get to
Before you get home cos of
5.spelling mistake can destroy
your life. A Husband sent this to his wife, "I'm
having a wonderful
time, wish you were her."
6. Yoruba women won't cross
road wen everyone is crossing,Nope!They
will stand in front of d car
in d middle of the road shouting
'Ejo o Ejo o'
7.This old pple for North no gree do BVN, but
as them tell them say na Buhari
Verification Number.
See as them full bank.
8. Pidgin English is the only language where
Question and answer can be the
same thing.
Question: Light dey?
Answer: Light dey.

31 Mar 2016 12:06

6 Ejo o Ejo o, yoruba 2 mumu

31 Mar 2016 12:10

Which one b dat nah? I no post dis to dey abuse any tribe ooo abeg o

31 Mar 2016 12:29


31 Mar 2016 12:59


31 Mar 2016 14:41


31 Mar 2016 18:27

Number 0

31 Mar 2016 19:56

No 2

1 Apr 2016 01:20

No 8 is funny

1 Apr 2016 12:47

Which one is numba 0? U funny sha

22 Sep 2016 20:28

5,6,7 Is Funny

23 Sep 2016 22:32

2. Pls no dey abuse any tribe. All nah play

26 Sep 2016 19:10

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28 Sep 2016 10:33

28 Sep 2016 10:40


29 Sep 2016 10:31

Ur papa 2 mumu